Our team

Our consultants are committed to providing you with the best advice and recommendations for your water project. When you need help deciding upon which course of action best meets your needs, you may rely on our staff to ensure you are provided with the information necessary in reaching your decision.

Our team of trained surveyors have the necessary surveying experience in localities all around Zimbabwe. From our beginnings in Bulawayo and surrounding areas, we have over the past 25 years, been called to site individual boreholes and to plan drilling projects in most areas of Zimbabwe. 

We have experience in the siting of boreholes in both urban and rural settings. We have conducted successful surveys for:

  • urban residential stands
  • urban commercial and industrial stands
  • mining and custom milling sites
  • horticulture, farming and ranching
  • rural domestic and villiage water supply
  • rural clinics and schools
  • rural hospitality, safari camps and game reserves.